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The Rapid Rewire Method is for new and experienced coaches who want bigger impact and better results.

Does any of this feel familiar?

  • rrm-icons-directions
    Your clients aren’t experiencing the changes they say they want, and it’s driving both of you up a wall.
  • rrm-icons-confused
    You don’t always feel 100% confident in your ability to help a client.
  • rrm-icons-stressed
    You’re struggling with imposter syndrome, and you feel like a phony–why would anyone trust you with their breakthroughs when you can’t create them for yourself.
  • Committed to being the best
    You’re committed to being the best at what you do and your toolkit could use an update, refresh or expansion.
  • Stand out in a sea of practitioners
    You want to stand out in a crowded sea of practitioners and be known for powerful and sustainable results.
  • speed-icon
    You want to facilitate rapid and sustainable transformation so you can serve more people and have a greater impact.
  • rrm-icons-coaching
    You want clients to rave about you to their friends (so you don’t have to keep selling yourself and effortlessly build your practice.)

We’ve got your back.

We’re going to hook you up with what our past students (many of whom are highly trained practitioners), call “the only tools I use now.

Our world-class methodology is the only one you need to guarantee you can confidently and masterfully deliver rapid transformation–for your clients, and yourself.

Signing up for the Rapid Rewire Method Practitioner Certification Training program is the first step to becoming a luminary of the industry, the one people go to for consistent results, and fast.

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You’ve never seen or experienced anything like the Rapid Rewire Method before

The coaching industry is so large, and there are so many possible modalities to learn, but with outdated coaching techniques failing to produce results quickly and reliably, how are you supposed to know which tools will actually serve you and your clients?
The Rapid Rewire Method fills the demand for real transformation in real-time–and you can join the growing wave of innovative practitioners right now. 
(We’ve got the testimonials to prove it.)

Here’s why facilitators, from the novices to the highly trained and advanced, have jumped on the Rapid Rewire Method–and why you should too:

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As you are being trained, you’re going to clear your own limitations, realign with your highest self, and become an even more powerful coach.

You don’t need to relive the pain by retelling the story. Change doesn’t have to be painful. You just need to pinpoint what you’re struggling with and how it makes you feel in order to quickly dissolve it.

Our methodologies are the Swiss Army Knife of integrative modalities. You can use these processes to facilitate psycho-emotional relief, human potential growth, or spiritual awakening. No matter the path, you’re guaranteed fast, enduring results.

To create rapid and integrative transformation, you must access all four levels of awareness (thoughts, images, emotions, and body sensations). Most healing modalities only access one or two, but our innovative protocols use all four with every process–that’s why our results are so powerful and fast.

Our processes are so badass, you can use them on yourself, another, or a group, and still create instant, permanent results.

Our processes are so refined that they’re standardized within foolproof, replicable scripts. If you can read a script, you can catalyze change for yourself or another.

While other methods may require “perfect” conditions to work, our tools are designed to handle life, unfiltered. Our protocols can handle starts, stops, phone rings, dog barks, and any other interruptions–and still get you the result you want.

A successful integration cannot be undone. When the process is complete, you won’t slip back into old, limiting patterns, behaviors, or thoughts.

When you complete a Rapid Rewire Method process and the integration has occurred–that’s it! The problem is no longer a problem, and you’re free. You don’t need to continue to journal, meditate, or breathe about it.

So, how does The Rapid Rewire Method actually work?

We’re glad you asked! It all comes down to integration.
 The methodology we practice is based on the work of the Yugoslavian psychotherapist Zivorad Slavinski, who distilled the field’s most effective tools to their most potent elements in order to catalyze psycho-emotional and spiritual transformations in under an hour.
 Our processes are so refined they’re condensed into scripts that anyone can follow–no degree necessary. Our standardized protocols access the root of any problem through the four areas of awareness (thoughts, images, emotions, and body sensations). We reveal deeper truths and make what is unconscious, conscious. 
 Then, our tools follow a simple pattern in order to strip away and integrate inner barriers, stuckness, emotional turmoil, and conflicting identities–leading to true liberation.
 Once this new state has been achieved, previous barriers dissolve, allowing your client (or yourself!) to make radical, instantaneous, permanent shifts in their beliefs, behaviors, or perspectives.

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The Rapid Rewire Method Training

There are two levels to the Rapid Rewire Method Training program.

Level 1

Level 1: Essentials

Essentials, is your introduction to six of our most rapid and integrative protocols to immediately dissolve limiting beliefs, inner barriers to goals, end negative emotional loops, and break self-sabotaging patterns at the root in under an hour. (We love to overdeliver, so don’t be surprised if you complete the training with more than six tools for your kit.)

Here’s what happens in Level 1: Essentials:


Immediate Access

As soon as you join, you will have immediate access to our online self-study training content and foolproof scripts to begin learning and instantly applying the Rapid Rewire Method L1 Essentials protocols for yourself and your clients.


Attend Training

You will have 1 year from the time you signed up to complete a 4 month online training where you’ll be supported via weekly Office Hour calls and weekly Exchange sessions to go deeper with the material so you can begin effectively facilitating the Rapid Rewire Method L1 processes with yourself or others.


Continued Support

As you learn 6 cutting-edge tools in the Level 1 Essentials Practitioner Certification training, you will receive ongoing mentorship as you practice the processes, refine your knowledge, enhance your techniques, and guarantee masterful delivery of the tools via our private Facebook Group.



At the end of the 4 months of training, you will be asked to demonstrate your ability to facilitate these processes to become certified in the Level 1 Essentials Protocols.

Level 2

Upon completion of Level 1 Essentials…

You may be invited to Level 2: Mastery, where you will learn our powerful trauma release and spiritual awakening processes.

Our spiritual tools bring people into non-dual states (think pure oneness/connection with the divine), without needing to drink, snort, or smoke any medicine. (No frogs were harmed in the making of the Rapid Rewire Method.)

When you complete Level 2: Mastery, not only will you be able to support people journeying out of intense experiences or journeying into a full-blown spiritual awakening, you will also become a certified Rapid Rewire Method Coach.

Level 1 Practitioner Certification Training

Here’s everything you get in
Level 1 Practitioner Certification Training

  • Access to Level 1 Essentials self-study Online Training content and resources
  • Transformation scripts and worksheets to use immediately to quickly create breakthroughs for yourself and your clients
  • 4 months of weekly support calls via Office Hours and Exchange Session calls
  • Access to the Rapid Rewire Method Community for additional support
  • Certification to use the Rapid Rewire Method Level 1 Essentials protocols with professional clients
  • A badass set of protocols that will set you apart from the rest of the herd!

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More love from our past students...

This is for you if:

  • 1 - You're a coach, healer
    You’re a coach, healer, therapist, or wellness professional who wants to learn the most effective modalities to expand your capacity to generate deeper, faster, long-lasting, powerful transformations for you and your clients.
  • 2 - swiss army knife
    You want to add a Swiss Army Knife to your toolbelt so you can count on delivering immediate results for every client, every time.
  • 3 - detach emotionally
    You want to detach yourself emotionally from your clients and create change without the narrative, story, or “trauma swamp”.
  • 4 - imposter syndrome breakthrough
    You want to end imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and facilitate your own breakthroughs.
  • 5 - rapidly release fears
    You want to gain skills to help clients rapidly release fears, anxiety, trauma and emotional baggage.
  • 6 - increase credibility
    You want to increase your credibility and generate results that inspire people to share their experience and send referrals, so you can spend less time selling yourself and more time serving others.
  • 7 - personal and professional growth
    You are committed to personal and professional growth and development.
  • 8 - Fast results
    You are looking for the fastest and most effective set of processes to rewire and create rapid and lasting change on a deep and profound level–sometimes in less than 15 minutes.
  • 9 - positive impact world
    You want to tap into your own authentic genius to create a massive, positive impact on the world.

Ready to dive in?

Unleash your potential with the Rapid Rewire Method


Nope! While many advanced practitioners have gone through our training, the beauty of the Rapid Rewire Method is that anyone at any level can learn it–we will connect you with your inner confidence and trust, so you can serve with impact and integrity in any situation. We only ask that you come willing to learn with an open heart and to hold space for yourself and others as we journey toward our highest potential.

Right away! Once you enroll, you’ll be prompted to create a login, and receive an introduction email to get started on the online self-study training. You’ll be able to immediately learn the first Rapid Rewire Method process in Level 1: Essentials, and the rest of the processes will be unlocked every 7 days as you progress through the self-study program giving you time and space to practice and fully integrate each process that you learn.

When you sign up, you’ll receive access to the Rapid Rewire Method self-study online training. You have up to one year from the time you joined the program to review all of the online content and participate in 4 months of weekly support calls (an Office Hours call and an Exchange Session call) to help you deepen your learning and gain mastery in facilitating our Rapid Rewire L1 tools on yourself or another. At the end of your 4 month journey, you will close with the demonstration of your ability to perform each of the Level 1: Essentials protocols to become certified in them.

Once you complete all of the Rapid Rewire Method Level 1 Essentials certification requirements and complete the demonstration of your skills with the Level 1 protocols, you will be certified in Level 1: Essentials. This grants you the title of certified Rapid Rewire Method Processor. If you wish to become a certified Master Coach of the Rapid Rewire Method, you must complete Level 2: Mastery.

Absolutely! The Rapid Rewire Method is borderless. We have students around the world and we love them.

Yes. The Rapid Rewire Method has two levels–Level 1: Essentials, which involves the 4 month online training and our Level 2: Mastery. Upon completion and certification of Level 1: Essential, students may be invited to continue to Level 2: Mastery where we teach our more advanced protocols.

Once you enroll, you have 7 days to test drive the online content to see if you jive with our training. Once the 7 days have passed, or if you have participated in one of our live in-person trainings during the 7 days after you sign up, the full tuition (including the payment plan) is non-refundable.


Experience one of our processes to instantly clear any problem or block and experience mental and emotional relief now.

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